Teachers/assessors make use of both non-traditional and traditional strategies to instruct and to gather evidence using a variety of assessment instruments. Individuals may be assessed as many times as necessary to prove that they are competent in the specific area of work. Assessments may take the form of observation, role-play or simulation, interviews, written assessments, appraisal of portfolio and practical exercises. Internal verifiers, who are part of the staff, provide oversight to ensure consistency, accuracy and transparency in assessment. External verifiers visit the schools at appropriate intervals to assess candidates.

CXC employs a system to monitor key factors which impact on quality. These include, but are not limited to, (i) programme delivery mechanisms (ii) assessment and (iii) record keeping. This is done to ensure that the performance standards are kept in focus and that appropriate assessment guidelines are in place. Site visits are a significant component of the system of monitoring. These visits are intended to facilitate the gathering of essential data relative to the readiness of candidates for the award of the CVQ.

During these visits the CXC representatives use carefully designed data-gathering instruments and discussions with the staff and students of the school to elicit data on key aspects of implementation.