An internal assessment is required in each Unit with the following exceptions:            `

  1. If a candidate is repeating the examination for a particular unit and opts to reuse the internal assessment mark from a previous examination of that unit. The internal assessment mark is valid for reuse for a period of two years and such a candidate is referred to as a resit candidate.

  2. A candidate is writing both units of any one of eight specially designed subjects in the same sitting. The candidate can opt to do the internal assessment in one of the units and use that mark in the other unit. Such a candidate is called a transfer candidate. There are only eight subjects for which a candidate may transfer internal assessment marks from one unit to the other. The subjects are Economics, French, History, Law, literatures in English, Management of Business, Sociology and Spanish.

  3. private candidate may opt to write the Alternative to Internal Assessment paper if it is offered in that subject. A private candidate is someone who is not in a full-time educational institution. A private candidate is registered for classes at a part-time centre or an educational institution not recognized by the Council as a full-time educational institution.