The SBA marks awarded by teachers for ALL candidates must be sent to the Council.  Principals are required to submit samples of the SBA/IA assignments from their schools or examination centres in order to verify the quality of the marking by the teachers.  Moderators/examiners are appointed by the Council to remark the samples submitted by the teachers to determine how closely the teachers’ marking reflects the marking guidelines provided by the Council. Following the remarking of the samples, the marks awarded by the teachers could be raised or lowered, or they could remain the same.  The marks determined by the moderators/examiners are known as the moderated marks.  This is the final SBA mark awarded to candidates.  In the case of the CSEC examinations, in order to re-use the SBA marks from a previous sitting, the candidate must have received a moderated mark not less than 50% of the maximum SBA marks for the subject.  In the case of the CAPE examinations, candidates are allowed to re-use any IA marks obtained.