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CSEC Results June 2018

Been trying to get in to check my results, however there's an error message stating

"The portal has been closed for the selected examination.  

You may not enter the system!"

Not sure why this is coming up but I'd like to have an alternative to checking my results. 

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Yes, they are saying that the portal has been closed for the selected examination....

I cannot access my results, it keeps saying that currently denied access, what should i do about this

The site is blocked. Cannot access results for June csec
Cannot access csec results . Site is blocked ,WHY ?
Why is the student portal still blocked

the site is block

Same messages I'm getting
Same issue i got
Result site block, does anyone know why

why DO some centres are delaying results it's not fair all parents had to fork out their money to pay for their childrens' subjects some parents get their results hours ago others still trying unsuccessfully....because centres put theirs on a delay.......... very frustrating

Unable to see my son results it's saying centre has blocked it. What's going on?

It's frustrating since morning I've been trying to login to get results and have been unable to.
I have been unable to access my results. Will this problem be resolved soon.

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