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lost candidate number

can one write the exams even if the candidate number is lost

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No. One who write the exams if the candidate is sick only..


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Good day,

The candidate number consists of ten digits, the first six digits are the centre number. If a student goes to their centre to sit an examination and they lost their candidate number they need to inform the invigilator immediately and he/she will be able to assist them.

How do I get my candidate and center number which was lost
I am not sure of the process of getting my CXC results. I lost it sometime back and I urgently need to get it back, less than a day I have to get it back can I, and how do I go about getting it back?
How can I get my candidate number back to check my result do I have to contact the school I went
My daughter lost slip with the candidate number would she be able to do the exams stll
How do I know my candidate number if my time table is lost
I lost my candidate number how do I go about getting it back
I lost my candidate number and I wrote exams in 2000 how can I retrieve it back? Or where can I go to get back my results?

i lost my candidate number how can I get it back?

How can I get back my candidate number on line
How can i get back my center number from 2011
How do I go about getting my candidate number from 5 years ago
Just seeking if I see my result on line because I was unable to collect it

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